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Subcontractor Tools helping you get your business in front of general contractors let them deal with the public & the headaches you focus on getting the work done.

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Who is the Subcontractor Tools for?

Subcontractor Tools is for all professional subcontractors performing all types of contracting services and duties without the general contractor headaches. As a member of the subcontractor tools, when a member of the contractor tools is searching for a subcontractor, they will find you.

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Who can find me?

  • Only the Contractor Tool members can search and view your profile.
    -- You will however have the option to share your profile with others via social media using your custom profile address or the share profile button at the bottom of your profile page.
  • **The homeowner and commercial tool members WILL NOT BE able to search for your services.
  • If you want to be found by homeowners or commercial property owners YOU WILL NEED to register in the contractor tools.

What about our Bidding & Posting Boards?

Subcontractor tool members can view the contractor & employee posting boards, you can also post yourself & post for employees. Our Bidding boards are still under-construction BUT will be available soon for all subcontractor tool members. Get notified by email instantly when someone makes a post.

What about Insurance? Do I need it?


It maybe helpful in being awarded some jobs but not necessary to join. Many cities & states dont require that you have insurance and where it is required many contractors or companies will offer you temporary insurance for their project only at a nominal rate of course. *Please contact your local city & state regarding insurance requirements.

Why Join?

  • So YOU can be found when someone searches for the services you offer.
  • You can list all your services & service areas.
  • Your contact information is listed not ours!
  • View posting boards.
  • Search & post for employees.
  • and the list of options is growing EVERYDAY!

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With the Subcontractor Tools

You can search for residential or commercial suppliers, view the contractor and employee posting boards, post your needs for employees or post yourself. Keep your profile updated and keep track of your postings.

All subcontractors related to the home-improvement & construction industry are invited to join.

and if you are a "jack of all trades"

then list them all
and be found for what you do.

find type of professional contractor you need for the project you have nationwide on

With our detailed search options your time isn't wasted looking at jobs you don't do.

To make our detailed search options possible,
you will have to take the time to review the many different categories with a very detailed list of subcategories and select the type services you offer. Because many zip codes cover so many different named areas and many subcontractors only work in certain areas, you will also need to select the areas you work in also.

roofing pic
window pic


  • Residential - Roofing - Acrylic Roof Coatings
  • Residential - Roofing - Cedar Shake
  • Residential - Roofing - Cool Roofing
  • Residential - Roofing - Copper
  • Residential - Roofing - Emergency tarp up/secure
  • Residential - Roofing - Fabric Reinforced Coating


  • Commercial - windows blind cleaning
  • Commercial - windows blind installation
  • Commercial - windows cleaning
  • Commercial - windows emergency board up
  • Commercial - windows installation
  • Commercial - windows installation - New construction
  • Commercial - windows repair

Get listed for your specific trade, not a general trade term..

painting pic
drywall patch pic
drywall pic


  • Residential painting - Faux finish
  • Residential painting exterior
  • Residential painting exterior - New construction
  • Residential painting interior
  • Residential painting interior - New construction


  • Commercial - drywall patch / repair
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 1-5 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 5-25 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 25-50 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 50-125 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 125- 250 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 250 - 500 boards
  • Commercial - drywall hang and finish 500 or more
  • Commercial - drywall hang only
  • Commercial - drywall sand only
  • Commercial - plaster repair
  • Commercial - texture ceilings
  • Commercial - texture removal
  • Commercial - texture repair
  • Commercial - texture walls

With our search options

you can be found based on the service areas you selected and not your business address. Our service areas are not based on zip codes but based on the named areas, neighborhoods, cities & states..

Subcontractors be found, all trades local or nationwide
Get listed today.

find type of professional contractor you need for the project you have nationwide on

Please view the Subcontractor FAQ for more information and answer to any questions you may have.

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