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Never wonder again who replaced the roof or when the last time you had your heating & AC system serviced, who was that great handyman we used before....

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More than just a place to find great service providers. When you hire a service provider listed with MyContractorList.com you can easily add them to your favorites and every-time they perform a service. You can record it in your dashboard with your free membership with us forever if you like.

Have you ever,

  • Hired someone to paint a room and later couldn't remember who you hired, misplaced their business card or even worse you don't know where the paint came from or the name of the paint?
  • Hire a great roofing contractor to install a new roof, but you don't know the name of the shingle color and he can't remember?
  • Got quotes to install new windows or kitchen remodel but can't remember the price?
  • Tried to remember when you last had the furnace check and by who?
  • Wished you could get rid of all of those refrigerator magnets of the many different service companies.
  • Lost or spilled your drink that one yellow legal pad or folder stuffed with papers & notes that had every contractor and service companies information you have ever used or thought about using get destroyed or misplaced forever.
  • Or maybe you had everything saved on your computer that crashed or lost phone or accidentally deleted email or maybe everything is on the cloud and all of your home-improvement contractors and serviced companies information is the safely protected with some file name in some folder you can't remember anymore.

What ever the case maybe we have the solution to all of these problems.

When you become a member of the Homeowner Tools for free by the way you will have full access to the tools you will need to keep track of all of your favorite contractors, every service they perform free as long as you like.

All of this information will be stored on our servers where you can login from anywhere, on anything to view your saved records and easily get the required information you need anytime about your homes last check up within seconds...

Welcome Homeowners

Finding the Right Contractor

Learn More Before You Hire We have the very best profiles on the web period. Our Service Provider Profiles are very detailed, easy to view and find the information you need so you can get better educated before you hire. From Company Information, Insurance Profile to their Social Profiles.

Detailed Search Options? - The Advantage

Finding the right contractor for your specific project that serves your neighborhood has just become easier, with our detailed search options.

  • No more searching by zip codes - search by neighborhoods.
  • If you have a small drywall repair (door knob hole in wall) you can search for a drywall/sheetrock contractor.
  • OR use our detailed search option
  • AND search for a drywall/sheetrock repair contractor.
  • The difference is that one only does large jobs the other does small repairs like door knobs in the wall. The detailed search option saves you valuable searching time.

Want to view a Contractor Profile Example?

Post Your Project

Not sure what type of contractor you need?
Only want to talk to contractors, who want work on your type of project?
Post it!
Make a couple of selections, describe your project and have the contractors contact you.
You will need to become a member for this type of service & the Homeowner Tools is the perfect place for that.

Why Join?

Simply put the My Dashboard option in the My Menu
with your dashboard you can

  • Keep track of all of your Favorite Service Providers
  • Keep track of all Services Performed by each Provider
  • Keep track of all of your Non-Favorite Service Providers
  • Keep track of all of your Postings.

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More Detailsl

and some great facts

With our detailed search options.

If you need a contractor who does drywall repairs. You can search for a contractor who does small drywall repairs and get results for contractors, who do small drywall repairs, NOT contractors who only do large drywall/sheetrock projects. Our search options don't waste your time or the contractors.

find type of contractor you need for the project you have nationwide on MyContractorList.com


  • Not all drywall contractors do small drywall/sheetrock repairs.
  • Not all drywall repair contractors texture or popcorn ceilings
  • After repairs have been made on a textured ceiling you may be looking for someone to re-texture the ceiling.

Need a contractor who works with insurance companies? Need a specialty contractor?
We have a category for these type of contractors also.


  • Not all contractors know how to effectively remediate water & mold damage.
  • An insurance contractor may serve you better when dealing with the insurance company.
  • With our search options you can find a contractor who does it all, a contractor who can best meet your needs
find insurance contractors, nationwide on MyContractorList.com

Looking to remodel that kitchen? Add on an addition or build your dream home?

Do you have a vision of the way you would like your project to be completed?
A vision of the type of contractor you want?

post your project and have a professional contractor contact you, nationwide on MyContractorList.com

Post Your Needs:

  • Post the details of your project
  • Post the vision of the type of contractor you want
  • Contractors can view your posting details, know your vision and better serve you
  • With our posting options you can let the contractors come to you


Some contractors are picky about where they work. They may live in one area but only work in another.
Many homeowners waste their time calling and leaving messages for contractors only to find out the contractor doesn't work in their area.
Some contractors who have offices on the other side of town, work in your neighborhood every day.

With our search options you can find contractors who service your area-

and not based on their address, not based on zip codes but based on the named areas, neighborhoods, cities & states they selected.
Our search options don't waste your time or the contractors.

find type of professional contractor you need for the project you have nationwide on MyContractorList.com

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you can search, find or post your needs for local contractors and suppliers specializing in everything from a new home builder, home-improvement companies, remodeling contractors, handymen, painters, pest control to interior decorators. We have the most detailed search options available. Not wasting your time or the contractors. To make our detailed search options possible, our contractors had to take the time to review the many different categories with a very detailed list of subcategories and select the type of services that they offer. Not all contractors offer all services available in their field of expertise. This is also true when it comes to service areas. Because many zip codes cover so many different named areas and many contractors only work in certain areas, we made this a detailed search option also.

View a Contractor Profile Example.

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