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Who is the Employee Tools for?

Employee Tools is for employees with jobs in the home-improvement, home remodeling, handyman and all construction related trades. Construction employees who have slow days, rain delays, early days or just simply want to make some extra money, but have know idea who can use them.
*For any construction/remodeling employees looking for a place to build an online resume & the ability to post a link back to their profile for FREE from anywhere.

What about these days?

  • Slow days?
  • Rainy days?
  • Waiting on a permit or inspection days?
  • The materials, are not on the job days?
  • The other trades not out of the way days?
  • Where can I make some extra money days?
  • I was available, I wish knew days?
  • Anybody know of anyone needing help days?

Looking for a full time job?

This tool was originally designed for full-time working or independent employees looking for extra work from time to time with other companies, for those slow days. BUT With our detailed profiles you can post your resume directly into your profile with us and add, edit update additional information about your professional career select and list everything you do.

*You can also use your Employee Tools Profile as your online resume and link back to it!
You can after all list all of your trades and say all you want to say.

If you are looking for a full time job you may also go to the contractor classified ads and post your skills or resume there, its free.

Are we an industry dedicated website?


MyContractorList.com is a nationwide website dedicated to professional contractors, subcontractors, employees and suppliers in the construction industry. We are also dedicated to giving homeowners the tools to find the best contractors to fit their specific needs, view detailed contractor profiles while giving the option to search or post for more home improvement & remodeling contractors.

What about the Posting Boards?

Employee tool members can

  • View contractor posting board
  • View subcontractor posting board
  • View employee posting board
  • Post yourself when your available & let the contractors, subcontractors & suppliers contact you
  • *Get notified by email instantly when someone makes a post.

What Additional Fees?

We only have one fee!

  • No hidden fees!
  • No additional category listing fees!
  • Just 1 flat monthly fee.
  • *In fact, it's FREE!

Want to voice your expertise in your field?

  • Got Videos? Post them on MyContractorVideos.com
  • Got an Opinion? TheContractorBlogPage.com can help with that!
  • Looking for a place to Network? TheContractorTalkForum.com can help with that!

Why Join?

  • So YOU can be found when someone searches for the services you offer.
  • You can list all your services.
  • Your contact information is listed not ours!
  • View contractor posting boards.
  • Search & post yourself.
  • And the list of options is growing EVERYDAY!

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Learn more about the Employee Tools, Some of the extra's
Some of the extra's

Why will this work?

Many times contractors and subcontractors are in need of a skilled tradesmen, or laborers, just for a day or two, nights, afternoon or weekends. Most of the time, these contractors have no way of getting in contact with you, don't know who you are or have any way of knowing when you're available. Sometimes you don't even know when you are going to be available until the last minute. At My Contractor List.com you can post yourself at the last minute. All members of employee tools are viewable by the Contractor and Subcontractor Tools.

With the Employee tools

you will be able to view the contractor/subcontractor & employee posting boards, post yourself, keep track of your postings and keep your profile updated. You will also have the ability to search, view contractor & subcontractor profiles before going to work for them, find out how long they've been around. Find and view complete supplier profiles, have access to the contractor classified ads, the talk forum, you can even post your construction related blog in our blog page.

Remodeling employees, work slow? Post yourself on MyContractorList.com

Whatever you do for a living,

whatever your trade,
whatever you enjoy
you can post your skills here

All trades, all employees

With our search options

you can be found based on you selected trade, view the contractor posting boards for available jobs. Post your availably based on time of day, named areas, neighborhoods, cities & states, that your in or going to be in or ended up in.

Employees Post Yourself, all trades local or nationwide
Get listed today.

find type of professional contractor you need for the project you have nationwide on MyContractorList.com

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Click to view a Employee Profile Example

View a Employee Profile Example.

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