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Name: Spangler Restoration
Address: 4002 Matthews-Indian Trail Rd.
City: Matthews
State: NC
Zip: 28104
Office Phone Number: 704-821-0882
Office Fax Number: 704-821-0883
Toll-free Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Other Contact Number:
Nextel ID Number:
Primary Contact: Josh Spangler
E-mail: Contact us by email
Web Address: Company Website
License Information:
Payment Terms:
Accept credit cards: No
Number of Employees: 0
Years in business/start date:  
Annual Sales:
Type of Service Professionial: Residential 
Type of Service Provider: Fire Damage Contractor
Insurance Claims Contractor
Mold Remediation
Restoration Contractor - Fire-Water-Mold - Full Service
Water Damage Contractor
Water Extraction
Accreditations: IICRC Certified Firm - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

BBB Accredited Business since 02/01/2010
Other Organizations: CHIPS-Carolinas Home Improvement Pros
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Brief Company Description: Water Damage in Charlotte NC, Fire Damage in Charlotte NC, Mold Remediation in Charlotte NC, Storm Damage in Charlotte NC, Water Damage in Monroe NC, Fire Damage in Charlotte NC, Mold Remediation in Charlotte NC, Storm Damage in Monroe NC

Industry Information

Primary SIC Code:
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Secondary SICs:     
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Secondary NAICSs:     
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Insurance Profile

It is your responsibility to verify references, insurance information, local and state licensing to perform contracted duties. All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and/or be cancelled, YOU should always check/verify such information for yourself. Terms of Service

Do you have workman's compensation insurance? Yes
Do you have liability insurance? Yes
Do you have commercial auto insurance? Yes
Do you have bond insurance? Yes
Do you have an umbrella insurance policy? Yes
Insurance Agent or Company Name:
Agent to Contact:
Agent Phone Number:
Liability Insurance: No
Activated: 1358139600
Expires: 1358139600
Workman's Compensation: No
Activated: 1358139600
Expires: 1358139600
Bonding Insurance: No
Activated: 1358139600
Expires: 1358139600
Umbrella Policy: No
Activated: 1358139600
Expires: 1358139600
Commercial Auto Insurance: No
Activated: 1358139600
Expires: 1358139600

Additional Information

What are your payment requirements?
Do you accept credit cards? No
Do you offer financing? No
Do you offer discounts? No
Are checks made out in company name? No
Do you have any special training or schooling that benefits your trade? No
Are you a member of the BBB or other organizations? No
Do you have a business license? No
How many years in business / start date?
Do you charge for estimates? No
Average time to return calls? No
Average time to return an estimate?
Do you have references? No
Do you provide contracts? No
Do you provide written warranty? No
Do you pull permits if needed? No
What size jobs do you do in dollar amounts? 0.00
Do employees wear uniforms? No
Do employees speak English? No
How long employees they been with you? Not entered yet
Do you do background checks on your employee's? No
How many company trucks/vans? 0
Do company trucks have your name on them? No
Do you have your own equipment? No
Do you have charge accounts with any of your vendors/suppliers? No
Do you have the tools for the trade or trades you perform? No
Do you have workman's compensation insurance? Yes
Do you have liability insurance? Yes
Do you have commercial auto insurance? Yes
Do you have bond insurance? Yes
Do you have an umbrella insurance policy? Yes

Services - States - Cities

Understanding the Terms:

  • For Homeowners Services offered by the professional for Homeowners.
  • Residential Services Services offered by the professional for contractors & other professionals in the residential building industry.
  • Commercial Services Services offered by the professional for commercial property owners & other professionals in the commercial building industry.
  • States & Cities Served Service areas for the listed professional.

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For Homeowners

Fire Damage

   Fire damage cleaning
   Fire damage emergency service
   Fire damage odor removal
   Fire damage rebuild
   Fire damage repair
   Fire damage restoration
   Fire damage secure
   General Services
Mold Services

   General Services
   Mold Abatement
   Mold Cleaning
   Mold Remediation
   Mold Removal
   Mold Testing
Water Damage

   Water Damage Drying & Dehumidification
   Water Damage Repair
   Water Damage Restoration
   Water Damage Restoration - Full Service
   Water Extraction
   Water Extraction Emergency Service

Residential Services

Fire Damage

   Residential - Fire Damage Cleaning
   Residential - Fire Damage Emergency Service
   Residential - Fire Damage Odor Removal
   Residential - Fire Damage Rebuild
   Residential - Fire Damage Repair
   Residential - Fire Damage Restoration
   Residential - Fire Damage Secure
Mold Service

   Residential - Mold Abatement
   Residential - Mold Cleaning
   Residential - Mold Remediation
   Residential - Mold Removal
   Residential - Mold Testing
Water Damage

   Residential - Water Damage Drying & Dehumidification
   Residential - Water Damage Repair
   Residential - Water Damage Restoration
   Residential - Water Damage Restoration - Full Service
   Residential - Water Extraction
   Residential - Water Extraction Emergency Service

State & Cities


   Hemby Bridge
   Indian Trail
   Lake Park
   Mineral Springs
   Mint Hill
   Myers Park
   South Charlotte

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Who we are

We specialize in Insurance Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area.We fully understand the claims process and currently work with numerous insurance companies and their representatives. We will work together with you and your insurance representative to ensure your property is restored in the quickest and most convenient manner possible


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Need Help with Mold, Fire or Water Damage? Call Spangler Restoration!
We will match your insurance company's preferred vendor warranty

At Spangler Restoration, we specialize in making your home look and feel like new again after any disaster.
We offer fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, mold removal, and more to residential and commercial clients in Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe, and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

    Take advantage of our special offer today: We will match your insurance company’s preferred vendor warranty! Call us today at (704) 821-0882.

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