Commercial Tools is For Commercial Property Owners & Managers:

  • If you are a contractor, commercial contractor or service company please register in the contractor tools If you register in the commercial tools you will not be found or seen, unless you are posting a need for a contractor.
  • ALL contractors & service compaines must register in the contractor tools to be searchable & profiles viewable by the general public.

*Please note that you will need to enter a valid e-mail address before your account is activated. You will receive an e-mail at the address you provide that contains an account activation link.

Only fill out questions you are comfortable with the public knowing.

  • Take your time & remember you can always add or make changes at anytime to your profile from the My Menu category options
  • If you have viewed a profile example you will notice that some profile options aren't available until after registration, and your profile can easily be updated from the edit your profile.

Your user name cannot be changed once you have made your selection, make sure it is what you want.

  • Your username & password can be anything you would like, this will-be the name & password you use to login each time.
  • Your password can be changed at anytime from your view/edit your profile area.

Commercial Tools is For Commercial Property Owners & Managers:

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https://www.mycontractorlist.com/commercial-profile/ Check Availability

Custom URL:

  • ATTENTION: Choose wisely, if you choose to change your custom URL later your old URL will not forward to your new one.
  • Enhance your company brand with a custom URL
  • Make your profile address anything you want so you can remember it.
  • or if you prefer you can leave if to the default address.

Creating your own custom URL:

  1. You must always include the - (dash) between each name/phrase used unless you want it all to run together as one single word/phrase.
  2. Never include these symbols in your url. [ # ! % ^ & ? "" , { } ] any extra space or other special characters. They will cause an error in your url and no-one will see your profile.
  3. Always Check Availability of your custom URL.
  4. Always confirm your custom URL is working and going to your profile.
  5. You may change your URL at anytime from your edit menu but don't forget if you have posted your current URL anywhere it will no longer be valid.

Some custom URL example's:

  1. mycontractorlist.com/contractor-profile/my-company-painting-nc
  2. mycontractorlist.com/subcontractor-profile/mycompanypaintingnc
  3. mycontractorlist.com/employee-profile/my-name-custom-painter-southpark-nj
  4. mycontractorlist.com/supplier-profile/building-pa-my-company

When posting/sharing your profile address:

  1. You must always include the - (dash) between each name/phrase used unless your profile address is one single word/phrase.
  2. You must always include your tool membership when posting your profile address (example) mycontractorlist.com/TOOl MEMBERSHIP-profile-YOUR-CUSTOM-URL-HERE
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Company Description: Please give a quick description of your company in 250 characters or less. This information is used for search engines don't use any html.

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You can edit/add information to your profile at anytime. by loggin into your account. Go to the Edit Your Current Profile (from the My Menu) at the top of your tool page. Keep your profile updated so people always have the most up-to-date information when viewing your profile also keep it updated for best search engine results.

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