Winter is Coming - Are You Ready?
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Winter is Coming - Are You Ready?

Energy efficiency is important to reducing energy bills, increasing the comfort of your home and reducing your carbon footprint. Even though the weather is cooling down and air conditioning may be the last thing on your mind, it's important to schedule a professional HVAC service and evaluation for both your AC and heating. The high-quality local service providers indexed on MyContractorList.com, always searchable for free, provide end-of-season AC shut down and preseason winter heating services to keep your house warm and energy costs low.

Why Choose a Professional HVAC Contractor?

Hiring one of the HVAC service providers you can contact through MyContractorList.com helps to ensure that your expensive heating and cooling systems are functioning at their full-capacity and protects them from commonly overlooked issues that you may not yourself notice. Professional end-of-season AC services cover the following:  

  • Inspection for proper refrigerant and lubricant levels
  • Removal of dirt and debris
  • Proper drainage to avoid damage from freezing temperatures
  • Proper insulation to avoid unit damage and cold air leaks into your home

This professional winter AC shut down service helps to ensure that, when summer rolls around next year, starting your AC will be a breeze.
Next, your trusted HVAC technician will evaluate your heating system for safety and efficacy. This inspection will include the following points:
  • Filter inspection with cleaning or replacement as needed
  • Heating element inspection
  • Check for potential carbon monoxide emissions
  • Inspection of all gas or oil connections
  • Test of heat exchange mechanism and blower for output efficiency
  • Ducting inspection to check for air leaks

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Always free, fast and easy, MyContractorList.com puts the contact information of local HVAC companies right at your fingertips. We provide access to some of the most elite contractors all across the country, and hiring one of our Verified Seal approved companies helps you to keep your costly climate control equipment in good working order. MyContractorList.com Verified SealRegularly scheduled maintenance helps to prevent unexpected equipment failure, repair or replacement. HVAC services keep you and your family comfortable while reducing energy bills and ensuring the safe operation of your furnace. This season, search with confidence for all of your winterizing service needs at MyContractorList.com!