What's Lurking in Your Home or Commercial Building?
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Shine a Light on the Pests in Your Home

Pests don't have to be occupants of your home. These willful critters lurk about in cabinets, closets, storage areas and send quality of life in decline for the human occupants.

Flip a switch in the kcoackroachitchen and the shock of seeing nests of ugly roaches or ants turns to revulsion. Open the door to the storage or coat closet down the hall and moths are already breeding larvae and making meals of your favorite coat or hat. Damp, humid basements are a particular favorite of a host of other insects like silverfish, water centipedes, spiders and the newest invaders, stink bugs. The possibilities for pest infestation is endless when you add in bed bugs, mites, green flies and fruit flies.

Declare a War on Pests

If the sight of insects is disgusting and embarrassing to family and guests, there's no need to suffer in silence. A licensed, professional pest control contractor will fight the battle in the war on pests for you.

There's nothing more refreshing than knowing your home is pest free. The cost for a full inspection and pest infestation removal is the sound way to avoid costly replacements or repairs to your home, food, paper products and clothing.

It's important to seek the advice of an expert pest control professional when ants take over your home. ant trailOften, carpenter ants find their way indoors in a variety of ways. These ants cause major damage, if not removed immediately.

Pest Control Warriors

In the battle to keep a home pest free, it's important to seek the very best pest control contractors. For a direct source for information on pest control professionals, visit MycontractorList.com. Look for a licensed consultant who specializes in insect control. Having a professional pest control consultant at your fingertips insures that your home will remain pest free.

A thorough inspection of your home will be performed and a determination of the types of insect infestation and sources of insect breeding will be provided. Depending on the locations of homes, there are other types of insects like crickets and carpet beetles that make their way indoors. Choose a pest control expert with knowledge of the regional location of your home. An regularly scheduled maintenance plan can save money and prevent future infestations. When it comes to pest infestation, don't delay. For a pest free home, visit MyContractorList.com today.dead bug

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