Vinyl Siding - Homeowners No. 1 Choice
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Vinyl Siding - Today's Top Choice for Home Exteriors

It's difficult to find a newly built home that doesn't have vinyl siding. There's a reason for this. Vinyl siding is durable and protects the interior of the home from loss of heating and cooling.

When vinyl siding was originally manufactured, colors were limited. Advancements in vinyl siding production benefit homeowners by providing a wider range of colors, textures and designs and more effective, heavy-duty grades of vinyl. Today, vinyl siding is found in every developed country of the world. Top vinyl siding contractors are listed on MyContractorList.com.

Learn More about Vinyl Siding

vinyl sidingVinyl siding is manufactured from polymeric materials into PVC strips. Vinyl siding is rated to withstand wind up to 110 mph. When you choose your vinyl siding contractor from MyContractorList.com, you need to know that in vinyl siding terms, a square of siding is measured in ten feet by ten feet increments, not actual square footage of the structure to be sided.

Today's vinyl siding designs include those that replicate the look of wood shakes and stone. Many of the contractors found on MycontractorList.com offer "extras" like new gutters, trim and fascia with the purchase of vinyl siding.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding

One of the reasons for the huge popularity of vinyl siding is low maintenance. Although some of this siding can be painted, the most recent vinyl siding products offer diverse colors and textures that don't require it. Thivinyl siding repairs type siding retains its "new" look longer.

In addition, the contractors on MyContractorList.com can install new siding over previously installed vinyl siding. It's also important to note that darker colors of this siding may fade as most exterior siding does, due to regional climate and temperatures.

Since vinyl siding is installed in strips, it rarely needs repair under normal wear. Should damage occur due to severe hail or other factors, installers simply remove the damaged strips and replace it with matched strips. This takes less time than other types of exterior siding repairs. In most cases, new installation of vinyl siding is completed in less a day. This depends on the size of the structure.

Vinyl Siding - The Affordable Way to Add Value to Your Home

Without doubt, vinyl siding is far more affordable than certain other types of home exterior finishes. Visit MyContractorList.com and choose a professional vinyl siding contractor to add value to your home.

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