The Unique Style of Cedar Siding
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Cedar Siding - An Exciting Look for Your Home

There's something very special and exciting about installing cedar siding on a home. This type of exterior finish creates a cedar sifdingbucolic look even in urban areas.

Cedar wood is plentiful in many regions of the US. The history of cedar siding began with the early Colonists who built log cabins sided with locally grown white cedar.

White cedar wood was also used to make canoes and fences. Eastern and Western Red Cedar are wonderfully fragrant woods.

Cedar wood comes from several different types of coniferous tree families around the world. White and red cedar is most commonly used for cedar shakes and shingles for siding and roofing. In New England, cedar siding is most prevalent in Colonial style and historic homes.

Cedar Siding for Modern Homes

Due to the diverse designs of today’s homes, cedar siding is enjoying a revival. It is added to facades of condos, apartment buildings and homes.

Copying structural styles like 1930s Shingle, Queen Anne Cottage, Colonial Salt Box and Carpenter Gothic architecture, cedar shakes and shingles are create a modern approach to a historic look.

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A cedar shingle is found in the iconic rectangular form, 16 inches in length. It may be machine sawn or hand split. It is frequently installed in an overlapping design. Today's cedar siding shingles are available in several rustic colors with decoratively designed edges.

Cedar shakes are generally created from split logs. Another features of modern cedar siding is that the size is larger and shingles are thicker. Historic buildings with cedar siding generally replace damaged shingles to comply with the sizes and thicknesses of the original siding. Search the MyContractorList.com list for contractors who specialize in custom cedar siding for historical buildings and homes.

The Distinction of Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding became popular as much for the abundance of cedar wood as for the "aging" effect on its natural wood color.

When red cedar siding is installed, it is a rich amber color that turns black with age. White cedar turns a silvery hue as it ages. However, white cedar is not as durable as red cedar.

Cedar siding should be installed by a professional contractor. MyContractorList.com provides a complete listing of experienced contractors with expertise in installation of cedar siding. With more choices in color and design, refresh the look of your home with cedar shingles. Visit MycontractorList.com today to find a contractor for more information.

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