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Saving money on heating bills during the winter is a no-brainier, but you need to make sure you do everything possible to stop air leaks and insulate your home. Instead of relying on cheap DIY kits, why not hire a dependable service to assess and efficiently winterize your home this year? At MyContractorList.com, we provide an easily searchable directory to connect you with the best home-maintenance services in your own neighborhood.

Winterizing Doors

Until you're certain that your doors are airtight, you'll be blowing hot air outside through small gaps and poorly insulated areas. A professional home winterization service can make sure your doors are impervious to winter weather by:

door with air gaps
  • Installing storm doors- Replacing your screen with a glass-paneled storm door insulates and protects from moisture damage.
  • Filling in the gaps- Small gaps around your door can leak large amounts of air. Instead of trying to stop these leaks with DIY foam tape, a contractor can re-hang and level your door to ensure a tight, snug fit within the frame.
  • Garage insulation- Your garage door can be a huge heating liability, and too cold of temperatures can damage your car and tools. To keep temperatures comfortable in your garage, a contractor can insulate your existing door or replace it with an energy-efficient model.

Winterizing Windows

Improperly sealed and insulated windows can cost a fortune in lost heat. Instead of fooling around with unsightly DIY insulation kits, window with air gapshave a professional from MyContractorList.com assess your windows to get them ready for winter.

  • Install storm windows- Storm windows create a double pane, providing an area of protective insulation between the elements and your interior. A professional installation ensures an airtight, energy-efficient fit.
  • Outdoor caulking- Caulking should be examined every year for peeling and cracking. A professional can reseal your window casements, keeping the cold air outside where it belongs.
  • Weather stripping- DIY weather stripping can actually increase drafts due to poor fit or improper installation. A professional evaluation can effectively measure your windows for the appropriate materials, ensuring effective insulation.

MyContractorList.com- Your Source for Winterizing Services

MyContractorList.com can help you to quickly and easily find the best local winter home service providers in your area. Hiring a professional to perform these door and window weatherization tasks will ensure a warm, energy-efficient and worry-free winter season.