Professional Chimney Services
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Professional Chimney Services - Ensuring a Safe, Happy and Warm Heating Season

chimneyWith autumn comes crisp temperatures, cool breezes and chilly nights that provide a sense of relief from sweltering summer temperatures. While you may be enjoying these milder temperatures, it won't be long until bone-chilling winter weather settles in for the season. When winter temperatures gets severe, most homeowners look forward to curling up in front a cozy, crackling fire to warm their spirits and homes. However, in order to ensure the safety of your home and family, it's vitally important to make sure that your chimney has been properly serviced before you ignite the first fire of the year.

Why Choose a Professional Chimney Service?

As a homeowner, it seems your to-do list grows every year. While many maintenance tasks can be put off until time or money allows, making sure that your chimney is in proper working order is not something you should consider delaying. Neglecting this annual maintenance task could pose many potential risks, including:

  • Increased risk of chimney fires-Creosote, natural buildup from past fires, is extremely flammable even in small quantities. A professional can safely remove this from interior chimney walls.  
  • Carbon monoxide build up-A professional inspection can evaluate the condition of you chimney liner and ventilation, reducing the chances of dangerous gas leaks into your home's interior.  
  • Structural damage-Mortar can be vulnerable to cracks from the expansion of moisture and freezing temperatures, exposing your home to architectural weaknesses. A professional can quickly evaluate the condition of your chimney and repair any damages.

Attempting to perform cleaning or inspections on your own could leave you at risk for overlooking important issues that professionals are trained to notice and are experienced with repairing. Trying to save a few dollars by attempting DIY maintenance could result in higher future repair bills, or even compromise your health and safety.

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