Outdoor Winter Care for Your Home or Business
Author: MyContractorList.com

house covered with ice

Even though the first official day of winter is quickly approaching, snowy and icy weather is already a daily struggle for home and business owners. At MyContractorList.com, we offer a free, fully-searchable directory of local business who can help you with your outdoor winter needs.

Snow and Ice Removal

Shoveling snow to clear driveways and sidewalks is a major nuisance, but did you know it can actually be a danger to your health? Harvard Health Publications discusses why the physical exertion of shoveling hundreds of pounds of snow can overload an individual's body, potentially causing serious injury or even a cardiac event.
Instead of possibly hurting yourself, MyContractorList.com provides access to local companies who can safely and effectively address your snow and ice removal needs. Not only will you protect yourself from injuries, your property will be enhanced by services such as:

snow removal
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow blowing and shoveling
  • Ice salting

A professional snow removal service reduces your liability, increases safety and ensures clear passage in and out of your home or business.

Winter Lawn Care

While it is a relief to have conquered yet another season of lawn mowing and weed removal, winter is no time to slack on lawn and landscaping care. In fact, the winter season is a great time to ensure the health of your plants, trees and soil while they are dormant, ensuring that your flora will burst into vibrant life when spring rolls around.

Some important winter landscaping services that local contractors offer include:

  • Soil testing for pH level, nutrients and organic matter
  • Adjustment of these soil components, if needed
  • Lawn mower maintenance and winterizing

The great landscaping companies that are partnered with MyContractorList.com can help you to maintain the health of your plant life and protect the investments you've made in lawn and garden care equipment over the winter. When warmer weather comes around next year, you'll be ready to enjoy the outdoors with less hassle due to the diligent care provided by the trusted contractor of your choice.

MyContractorList.com is your source for winter contractors who are knowledgeable about the unique weather patterns and local needs in your community. Our free directory guides you to the people who can help you best, and it's all accessible from the comfort of your own home!