MyContractorList.com - It's All About The Profile
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MyContractorList.com - It's All About The Profile

You will find the value of the contractor profiles on MyContractorList.com to be of great value in helping you to decide on which contractor you need to complete your project.

The contractor's profile is set up so that users can easily navigate to information that they will want to know about the person or company that would be a potential contender for a residential or commercial building needs.

Within the profile page you will find several different tabs that contain specific information about a contractor's business.contractor profile menu The first tab, labeled Company Information, provides pertinent information that includes the name of the company, office, cell, and toll-free phone numbers, website address, email address, physical location, etc. This page also contains the company's license number, payment terms, and type or types of services provided. The last item on the Company Information page gives a brief description of the company.

Another valuable feature on the contractor's profile is the insurance profile page. This page lets a potential customer know how well-insured a company may be. This page appropriately points out that it is the responsibility of verifying insurance and licenses lies with the customer. However, this information is valuable in that it is a great starting point for a customer in that once a customer has verified insurance, licensing, and bonding information, that customer can check the information that he or she has gathered with that of information that has been provided on the insurance profile page.

Customers and contractors alike will find the testimonial page to be a very helpful feature. Customers will have the opportunity to view this page to see what other people have to say about a specific contractor or several contractors on MyContractorList.com before hiring them. Contractors will find this page to be of immense value in that the testimonial page is an excellent way for the contractors to receive feedback about their services. As soon as a customer presses the submit button, the contractor will receive that person's comment is visible on the owner profile.

For your residential or commercial contracting needs, the contractor profile page is an excellent way for contractors to showcase their company while simultaneously providing customers the opportunity to research contractors.