Creating Style with Interior Decorating and Designs
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Creating Style with Interior Decorating and Designs

Most residential and commercial buildings have an exterior style that project a message to the public. The interior of these structures should also project a coordinating or contrasting message. The world of an interior designer is vastly different than the average observer imagines. Interior designers are called up to literally create styles for each room in a home or commercial building.

Have you ever walked into a law office and immediately noticed the awesome interior design that purple bedroom fairly took your breath away? Then, you walk into a friend's home and turn green with envy over the amazing interior decorating you see. This is the work of the interior decorator who spent many hours pouring over styles that send the right message.

Interior Decorators maximize their creative talents with color, depth, size and dimensions. All of this translates to rooms that look like landscapes painted by famous artists.

When you understand the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator, it's easier to choose the right professional for the job.

Interior Decorating

When it comes to interior decorating, every item in a room must be taken into account to create perfect interior balance. red living spaceThis includes furniture, lamps, carpeting/flooring and objects d'art. These items must meet the overall style the interior decorator creates.

These styles may include modern, traditional, country or retro classic. The interior decorator discusses preferences with their clients prior to beginning decorating work. Clearly, interior decorating is not a do-it-yourself project. That may result in "hit or miss," style upon completion. When you need a top notch interior decorator for your decorating project, search MycontractorList.com a great resource for finding interior designers & decorators.


The Difference Between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators

the difference between decorator & designer

An Interior designer has a vastly different job than an interior decorator. The interior designer is charged with the duty of creating designs of rooms. The Interior decorator provides the actual room furnishings and accessories.

Interior decorating is a project where the client provides input and ideas to the designer. From this point, the interior designer builds designs based on their client's personal preferences and style of living.

Interior decorators are very highly detail oriented and decorate rooms so every inch of space is part of the overall style. Interior designers and interior decorators are found on MyContractorList.com. Both are professionals and experts with loyal customers who rely on their expertise and skill. Review the list of designers and decorators to get started on your project today.

Although interior design laws and licensing requirements vary throughout the U.S., those individuals who hold the title of registered, certified or licensed interior designer have met the minimum requirements to offer their interior design services in their state.

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  • View some of the Professional Interior Designers on our list and search for local companies in your area.