Add Pictures to Profiles For Best Results
Author: MyContractorList.com

My Pictures - Profile Menu on MyContractorList.comOne Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

There's an old Chinese saying: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

On MyContractorList, contractor members know the value of adding pictures to their profiles. They know viewers remember the contractor's business name more readily when it's included in a picture in their profile. This is how contractors "do" and "understand" the needs of their future customers who "see" and "remember" them.

Choose Profile Pictures that Create a Memorable Story

When contractors add pictures to their MyContractorList.com profile, they create a story about their skills, experience and business brand. For example, plumbers who use pictures of their bright, shiny, fully equipped business vehicles and on site plumbing projects, create the impression of a state-of-the-art contractor.

Contractor members of MyContractorList.com use several types of pictures for profiles that are viewed by potential customers. Most are based on the type of the business the contractor is involved in. Since My Contractor List has such a diverse community of contractors, the pictures can range from colorful displays of kitchens and bathroom remodeling projects to a local landscape project at a municipal park. The more colorful and appealing pictures are in profiles, the more memorable they are.

Creating Customer Need with Profile Pictures

One other important feature is that profile pictures create customer need. The casual visitor to www.mycontractorlist.com may just be browsing when they click on a contractor of interest.

Then, they find profile pictures that articulate the products and services of the business, as well as the business owner. Suddenly, the casual browsing visitor decides the product or services the contractor offers is a "must have." The impact of well chosen pictures for profiles can't be understated in terms of growing the customer base.

"Before" and "After" Pictures with Impact

There's nothing that has the impact of "before" and "after" pictures. Contractors add these to their profiles on MyContractorList.com for great emphasis on their business expertise and also their business standards of excellence.

Pic is worth a thousand words

Generally, a selection of three or more "before" and "after" pictures added to a profile works to greatest advantage of savvy contractor members. These pictures could also show work before a contracting project has begun and after to emphasis neatness and proficiency. Pictures can also display product use by satisfied customers. To prove how valuable pictures are to profiles, visit MycontractorList.com today.

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