Our Mission

  • To make it as simple as possible for anyone looking for a contractor to find one, while giving them the tools to make the most informed decision before hiring.
  • To be the place to go for the most informative profiles available for any company or individual in or related to, the home-improvement, construction or remodeling industry.
  • To educate the public.
  • To give everyone involved in our industry the tools to make all of the right connections.
  • To evolve into the type of site our industry needs and wants.

Our Plan

  • To listen, be flexible and willing to make changes to accomplish our mission.
  • To provide the list & let the consumer decide.

Our Promise

  • To never have advertisements of any type on any profile page.
  • To never charge lead fees, percentage fees, commission fees, pay-per click fees or additional listing fees.

Our Goal

  • Excellences


  • The idea of MyContractorList.com was founded by Jonathan Luciano in August 2006.
  • Original release date was November 2008 and re-released to the public in March 2011 and finally updated again & marketed to the public in August 2015.